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High-grade steel weldments

Get Estimates From Our Helpful Steel Engineering Team

You can speak to the friendly staff at Lawrenco Steel, Inc if you need an estimate on fabricating or repairing any steel equipment in your factory. Our efficient steel engineering team possesses the skills and the know-how needed to design, manufacture, and install fabricated steel structures like beams, presses, and platforms for heavy industries.

Comprehensive Steel Services

  • Steel fabrication

  • Steel equipment installation

  • Steel structure repairs

  • Steel equipment repairs

  • Shearing

  • Steel weldments

  • Steel components manufacturing

Speak to our contracting team for professional advice and design ideas on steel work.

For FREE estimates on shearing services, call Lawrenco Steel Inc at

Visit our family-operated steel fabrication facility, the only steel service shop in Terre Haute, IN. We also cater to heavy industries like pharmaceutical and power companies.

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